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Agnes Sajgal

Head Coach

Agnes has a Master Degree of Physical Education, and also a L3 International Acrobatics Coach diploma. She was the member of the Hungarian Acrobatics Elite Squad for 8 years, her best results are 2nd at the Junior World Championship in the Women’s Pair category, 4th at the European Championship, 5th at the Senior World Championship.

Agi moved to Australia in 1996 and started working at BJ’s Academy of Gymnastics and Acrobatics.

In her first year at the Academy she prepared the 1st Australian Women’s pair ever to compete at Junior World Championship. Since then Agi became the Acrobatics Head Coach of Gladesville RSL Youth Club, she has also been the head coach for the Australian Team 5 times, and she was awarded as the Elite Coach of the Year 6 times.

Attila Janda

Development / KG Coach

Attila has a Level 2 Mag Coaches Certificate, a Level 2 Wag Coaches Certificate, a Master Degree of Physical Educationa Senior First Aid Certificate and a Certificate IV in massage.

He is an experienced skill development and levels coach.

Alex Leeder

Club Program Manager
Acro: Advance Silver Coaching
WAG: Intermediate Coaching
WAG Judge: Beginner
England accreditation: Level 2 tumbling and Level 2 General gymnastics, regional level acro judge
Bachelor of Science in Sports Coaching from Leeds Metropolitan University

Rebecca Buckton

WAG Advanced Coach / WAG Intermediate Judge working toward WAG Advanced / MAG Beginner Judge
Experience: Rebecca has been coaching for more than 25 years in various competitive programs mainly throughout Victoria.  After she moved to Sydney she took a 10 year break from coaching due to travelling constantly for work.  Once her children became interested in gymnastics she resumed coaching and regained her accreditations.
Interesting fact: Rebecca consults in IT when she is not in the gym.  She also used to compete the Wrap Hecht dismount on bars (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G0zLuvSsfU)
Self motto: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” (Thomas Jefferson)
Hobbies: Skiing, running and renovating

Rebecca Stoyel

WAG Intermediate Coach
Experience: Rebecca was a member of the Australian Gymnastics team for 5 years from 1991 to 1996. She competed successfully in many national and international competitions. The highlight of her career being a Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and Junior and Senior National Champion.
She has 15 years coaching experience in gyms all over Australia including the Victoria Institute of Sport and the South Australia sports institute. Rebecca has produced many successful national and international level gymnasts competing at both State & National Championships.
Interesting fact: She had the great opportunity to perform as the leading acrobat at Tokyo Disney Sea theme park in Japan. This led her to move back to Japan and coach developmental squads for 5 years.
Since returning to Australia she is currently in the process of regaining her Australian credentials.
Self motto: “You never fail until you stop trying”
Hobbies: Cooking, travelling with family.

Kata Eglesz

WAG Coach
Accreditation: WAG Intermediate
Experience: Been coaching at AAGI since 2012
Represented NSW at the Australian National Championships 5 years in a row and reached level 10 in National Stream

Morgane Bonato

WAG/Acro Coach
Accreditation: Intermediate Coach and Beginner acro judge
Position: Recreational and Pre Level WAG and acro coach. Party supervise
Interesting Fact: Morgane is a French girl arrived to Aagi in October 2016 and comes from the French circus word. She was member of the professional Circus school in Paris for 2 years and 3 years at the prestigious National Institute of Circus developing classic and contemporary dance, theatre, acrobatics, teeterboard and rope her specialties.
Education: Associate Degree in Art and Circus

Tess Moran

WAG intermediate coach, WAG beginner judge
Accreditation: Intermediate Coach and Beginner WAG judge
I started in gymnastics when I was 4 years old, not long after I was selected for a competitive group and continued to train until I was 16. I started out as an assistant coach when I was just 12/13 years old. I then started coaching full time in 2011 where I took the little ones from 12 months right up to the oldest recreational kids. I was also given the opportunity to take a competitive squad and haven’t stopped since.
While I’m most passionate about the lower levels of WAG competitive gymnastics, I love teaching all ages and giving them the opportunity to be their best.

Hobbies: soccer, softball, and camping
Favorite quote is:
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”
“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Ailie Donald

WAG 1-2, Recreational Coach

Accreditation: Beginner Coach, Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze medallion
Hobby: Soccer
Experience: Coaching at AAGI since 2019, trained and competed in WAG, trained in tumbling
Self motto: Impossible is for the unwilling

Anna Brown

WAG 1-2, ACRO 1-3, and Recreational Coach
Accreditation: Beginner Coach
Hobby: I enjoy spending time training in Acrobatics.
Self motto: “It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday”
Interesting fact: I will be representing NSW at the 2018 National Gymnastics Championships.

Hannah Hughes

Junior Assistant Coach
Lvl 1-2 WAG assistant Coach
Acrobatics Lvl 1-3 assistant coach
Accreditation: Beginner Coach
Hobby: Training in acrobatics
Motto: “Train like your competing, compete like your training”

Mia Davis

WAG Assistant and Recreational Coach
I’m currently studying for both my judging and coaching courses and will have completed them both by July 2018.
I am a junior coach, I do recreational classes and parties. I also assist classes of many levels.
My hobbies include most physical sports such as; swimming, running, diving, gym classes and fitness boxing. I love to push myself and work hard.
Myself motto is to always do my best and I believe that everyone should try gymnastics because it is truly an amazing sport.
I started gymnastics when was 7 and instantly fell involve with the sport. Over the years I’ve competed many competitions up to state level, from level 3-7.

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Our purpose is to share our high level experience with the children to improve their gross and fine motor skills, to help them learn and love sport for life, to teach them the basics of all sports and to enhance co-ordination, agility for body awareness and balance.